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January 3rd, 2008 - He Thinks He's A God

About January 3rd, 2008

Class of 2007 Supporting Actress Blogathon Preview: She Must Not Be Ignored or Why I Love Joan Chen 11:16 pm
She Who is Caution

The camera makes her out to be insignificant. Immaculately ignored yet Joan Chen possesses a presence potently impossible to discard. Is she China, the ideal version that the government wants everything to be? She is a great counterpoint to Tang Wei, exactly the portrait of domesticated, interiorized horror that her (Wei’s) present and future is being turned into. And yet at some points I have to wonder: maybe Tang Wei can’t see how powerful Joan Chen really is as this backseat role of conformity and seemingly content and hushed adherence to convention is what frustrates men like Tony Leung to deviate using the country as a reason… Lie to me baby, lie to me.

This isn’t horror, dear, this is genius.

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