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Kate 101 - He Thinks He's A God

About Kate 101

Previous Entry Kate 101 May. 12th, 2008 @ 07:44 pm Next Entry

"Life is full of censorship. I can't spit in your eye."

And we'd never want to do anything to make you.
Today is March 12 and it marks the 101st birthday of Katharine Hepburn. To celebrate, I am officially starting my "Kate 101" project where throughout the year, I will post a picture and one of the many quotable lines uttered by the great Hepburn from her arsenal of wit. Greet it as entertainment or as a resounding and agreeable barb at life (Kate had plenty of those), nevertheless, I will keep posting until we reach the end of the year of her 101st birthday and until I reach 101 pictures and quotes.

So, one down, 100 to go before May 12, 2009!

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